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For some of the best hiking in Central Asia, join us on a trek in the mountains of the Altai, Khovsgol or Khangai where you will be delighted by the unspoiled beauty and remoteness that Mongolia offers. You can join our July scheduled trek to Mount Kharkhiraa, or if you have a group of friends (4 or more people) we can organise a tailor-made trip for you. The Altai mountain range stretches from north to south along the western border

with Kazakhstan and China. Many of the peaks are eternally snow-covered and even the lower valleys are only passable on foot during the brief summer. Most of the people living in this part of the country are Mongolian Kazakhs. They are Muslem not Buddhist, speak their own language and there are many cultural differences. The gers of the Kazakh's are larger and taller than those of the Mongolian nomads.

Mount Kharkhiraa

The remote snow capped peaks of Uvs province are the setting for a truly wild and adventurous trek in Western Mongolia. We use camels to carry our luggage and equipment as we hike over high mountain passes, impressive plateau and along spectacular river valleys of the Altai mountains.

Hiking & Trekking Routes Mongolia

Although much of Mongolian is vast open steppe or desert, there are a number of mountain areas that are good for trekking. In the north, close to the Russian border, is "Lake Khovsgol" to the west of which lie the "Khoridol Saridag" mountains. They are tall and steep sided; quite often there are no clear trails to follow. Central Mongolia is dominated by the "Khangai" mountains which stretch from the

edge of the "Gobi Desert" northwards. These mountains, although of high altitude, are more like rolling green hills and climbs and descents are not so steep. On the western side of Mongolia are the "Altai" mountains, quite high with trails usually following river valleys. Other mountainous areas include the "Khentii" mountains east of Ulaanbaatar and the "Gurvansaikhan" National Park in the Gobi Desert.


Tour Grading

You have to be fit to do a trek in Mongolia and most treks are classed as moderate. If you do a tailor-made trek the grade can be adjusted for you. The altitude is always below 3000 meters.


Tour Size

Our scheduled group tours as well as tailor-made trips require a minimum of 4 people to run. There is not a maximum group size, but there are unlikely to be more than 10 people.

Mount Kharkhiraa Trek

Our 8-day trek to Mount "Kharkhiraa" and Mount "Turgen" covers a distance of approximately 120 km and includes two high passes at altitudes of 2930 meters and 2944 meters. A good level of fitness is required, but the hike is not too strenuous even at the higher levels. The weather is unpredictable in the mountains and we have to be prepared for everything, including snow, even though it is summer.

Scheduled Hiking & Trekking Tour

When choosing which trip you want to do you will need to consider the tour dates, the cost, the length of the tour and type of accommodation.

Mountain Kharkhiraa Trek in Mongolia
07 - 18 JULY, 2024

Mt. Kharkhiraa Trek

▪  Total Days:  12 days
▪  Riding Days:  8 days
▪  Accommodation:  Camping
▪  Support Vehicle:  YES
▪  Total Distance: 120 km

Trekking Tour Grading

Our scheduled trek around Mount "Kharkhiraa" is classed as moderate, which means it can be enjoyed by anyone who is reasonably fit and takes regular exercise. The main baggage will be carried by camels. Altitude is not usually a problem as we are trekking at below 3000 meters. On tailor-made treks the daily walking distances vary from 15-25km and may have a support vehicle.

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