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Genghis Khan Motorcycle Trail

Genghis Khan was born in "Dadal" village near to the Siberian border in the north east corner of Mongolia. This is a beautiful area of mountains, forest, lakes and wide rivers. It is also of immense historical significance and we will visit the places where Genghis Khan lived before he became leader of his people and moved his capital to "Kharkhorin" in Central Mongolia. The 1300 km ride from Ulaanbaatar to the small village of "Dadal" and return is an experience of wilderness and culture that would be hard to beat elsewhere.

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Riding Terrain and Facilities

Most of the tour is on rough jeep tracks, hard pack, rock and loose gravel, although riding on the last day of the trip is unavoidably on a new black topped road. The 1300 km return ride from Ulaanbaatar to the small village of Dadal is an experience of wilderness and culture that would be hard to beat elsewhere. There will be some river crossings, so technical skill and experience are required, although we travel out of our way to find bridges to cross the big rivers. All nights on tour are spent in the wild, camping in tents. 

KTM 450 EXC Mongolia

  Дижитал - Мэдээлэл !

АНХААРУУЛГА: Хэрэв та болон таны компани тухайн аялалын маршрутын чиглэл, текст үг өгүүлбэр, фото, газрын зургыг хуулбарлахаар төлөвлөж байгаа болон хуулбарлан санаа авч өөр арга хэлбэрээр дахин нэр өгч өөрчлөн боловсруулж ашиглахыг хориглоно!



Genghis Khan Motorbike Trail Map

Day By Day Itinerary

This itinerary is suitable for experienced riders with some off-road experience  

Arrive in   'Ulaanbaatar' and go to hotel. Evening meet the tour leader and rest of group for pre tour meeting. The meeting is about the day by day itinerary and safety issues. Overnight in hotel.

Set off eastwards towards Khentii Province, stopping for lunch at the huge silver statue of   'Genghis Khan' on his horse. Leave the main black-topped road before the village of "Tsenkher Mandal" and ride over the mountains to arrive at the small   'Khukh Nuur' (“Blue Lake”). Camp.

Ride on rough jeep tracks through silver birch forest and open rocky hilltops through  'Binder' district to an ancient 'King’s Graveyard' in the mountains. There is little left to see of the cemetery, but interesting to note the historical importance of this area. Overnight camping.

Not far from our campsite are some bronze-age rock paintings which we stop to see before riding on to "Bayan Adraga" village beside the wide   'Onon' river. Ride through a beautiful forested area and camp before the bridge. Overnight camping.

Cross the "Onon" river near the entrance to "Onon-Balj" National Park, then ride north a short distance to "Dadal" village where Genghis Khan was born in 1162. Where his mother’s ger once stood there is now a small lake and not far away there is an excellent viewpoint called   'Deluun Boldog'. Drive to "Norovlin" district to camp. Overnight ger camp.

Drive across the fertile open hills of "Batnorov" district and through the village to reach "Chinggis" Town (Onderkhaan), the capital of Khentii province located beside the   'Kherlen River'. Overnight camping on a mountainside outside the town.

Return to Ulaanbaatar on the good new black paved   'Road' , stopping for a picnic lunch along the way. Overnight hotel.

(Tour price is based on a group of 4 people. Motorbike rent cost USD $130 per day including fuel)


about the tour

Tour Information:

This six day trip on a "Six-Days" special edition KTM 450 EXC motorcycle takes you to the far north east corner of Mongolia close to the Siberian border. The landscape is varied with hills, mountains, plains, forests and big rivers.

There are many people living a traditional nomadic lifestyle and we will spend one night camping nearby one such family, giving you the chance to enjoy a real Mongolian BBQ with them. 

Genghis Khan motorbike trail description:

  • This tour is classed as 75% off-road and is fully supported tour.

  • Accommodation on tour is always wild camping

  • Available to hire: KTM 450 EXC '6 - DAYS'

  • Non riders are welcome to join any of our motorbike tours.

  • 100% fully guided motorcycle tour

  • This tour will run with a minimum of 4 people.

  • Hotel in UB based on sharing "TWIN" room.

  • Single hotel supplement $40 per night

The following items are included in the price of the tour:

  • All meals (except Ulaanbaatar) & bottled mineral water

  • 2 - nights hotel "Continental" sharing twin room

  • Hire of tents and camping equipment

  • Entrance Fees

  • Motorbike tour support vehicle

  • All transportation (except Airport Transfer)

  • Insurance (3rd party motorbike insurance)

  • English Speaking Guide

The following items will be in addition to the price of the tour:

  • International Flight

  • Visa Cost

  • Airport Transfers

  • Protective Motorbike Clothing

  • Motorbike hire (motorbike hire USD $130 per day including fuel)

  • Motorbike damage security deposit (fully refundable)

  • Alcohol and Soft Drinks

  • Travel Insurance

The places you will see along the way:

  •  Silver statue of "Genghis Khan"

  • "Kherlen" River

  • "Onon" River

  •  Birthplace of "Genghis Khan"

  •  Khukh Nuur "Blue Lake"

  • "Umno Delger" Village

  • "Baga Nuur" Coal mining

  •  Nomadic families

what you will see

Tour Highlights

Genghis Khan
Location: Eastern Mongolia

Statue of Genghis Khan

This statue of Genghis Khan on a horse is located east of Ulaanbaatar, beside the Tuul river. The statue is 40 meters tall and people can go up a lift inside the neck to reach the horse's head for magnificent panoramic views of the whole area.

Birth Place of Genghis Khan
Location: Eastern Mongolia

Deluun Boldog

Deluun Boldog near to the present day Dadal village in north eastern Mongolia is the actual spot where Genghis Khan was born in 1162. The stone inscription marks the 750th anniversary of the chronicle, "The Secret History of the Mongols".

Mongolian Nature
Location: Eastern Mongolia

The Onon River

The province of Khentii is drained by two large rivers: the Onon and the Kherlen. They have their source in the north and belong to the Pacific Ocean basin. The Onon river basin is considered to be the place of origin of all Mongols.

Genghis Khan Trail Video 

"A big thank you to you all, it was a great trip and I really enjoyed it. The organisation in Mongolia was first class, we were always looked after and as it turned out the doctors services were required more than was anticipated. "

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