Mongolian Visa

Applying for a Mongolian visa is relatively easy, compared to some other countries and Mongolian Embassies around the world are working hard to improve their service. Please note that the Embassies in different countries may have slightly different requirements and prices. Some tourists will not require a Mongolian visa but most visitors need a 30-day "SINGLE ENTRY EXIT VISA", listed on the application as category "J" tourism. It is not usually necessary to provide an official supporting letter from us, but a copy of your itinerary will be enough. You will also have to have a passport valid for at least 6 months beyond the expected date of travel, a passport photo, the completed application form and payment. Below is listed more information and addresses that you will find useful.

For a 30-day Tourist visa it is required to submit the following:

NOTE: Mongolian Embassy does not accept cash, cheque or credit/debit cards. The Consular section will require applicants to bring bank receipt or printed internet banking payment confirmation as a payment for visa fee to apply for Mongolian visa.

  Download Mongolian Visa Application Form  


Passport with a validity date at least 6 months beyond the end of the intended period of stay.

Application Form

Completed Visa Application Form For Tourists with one passport size photo.

Proof of Stay in Mongolia

Travel itinerary or hotel reservation and insurance are preferable.

Mongolia's Foreign Policy

Mongolia’s foreign policy objectives reside in ensuring its independence and sovereignty by following the trends of human society’s advancement, maintaining friendly relations with all countries, strengthening its position in the international community and forming with influential countries in the region and in the world a network of relationships based on the interdependence of political, economic and other interests.

Mongolia's foreign policy shall be based on its national interests, as defined in its Constitution; the country’s specific external and internal situation constitutes the basis for determining its foreign policy objectives, principles and priorities.

Other Visa Information

A visa application can be submitted by the following:

  1. Applicant him/herself.
  2. Immediate family member of the applicant
  3. A reliable visa agent / service.
  4. Please note that applications sent by post shall not be processed.

  5. NOTE: The above Mongolian visa information is an example from the Mongolian Embassy in United Kingdom.

Embassy of Mongolia will be closed on national holidays:

  1. 1st of January (New Year)
  2. 1st & 2nd day of the lunar calendar new year (January or February)
  3. 8th of March (International Women's Day )
  4. 1st June (Children's Day)
  5. 11th, 12th and 13th of July (Naadam Festival)
  6. 26th of November (Proclamation of Independence)


Visa Type and Fees:

Single entry-exit 40 GBP 2-5 working days 60 GBP Within a working day
Double entry-exit 55 GBP 2-5 working days 75 GBP Within a working day
Single Transit Visa 35 GBP 2-5 working days 55 GBP Within a working day
Double Transit Visa 55 GBP 2-5 working days 75 GBP Within a working day

*NOTE: Above fees are only an example and may differ in other countries

Visa Waiver

Visa is required for all, except citizens of the following countries:

  • Germany – 30 days for all type of passports.
  • Malaysia - visa not required for a visit not exceeding one month.
  • Philippines - no visa required for a visit not exceeding three weeks.
  • Singapore - no visa required for a visit not exceeding two weeks.
  • Russia – 30 days for all type of passports.
  • China – 30 days for diplomatic and official passport holders.
  • USA- no visa for all type of passport holders, within 90 days. Visit more than 90 days need visa.

  • People's Republic of China, Bulgaria, Thailand, Romania and Chile - who has diplomatic or official passport - no need a visa for a visit.
  • Russia, Yugoslavia, Czech, Slovak, Mexico - who has diplomatic or official passport - no need a visa for a visit not exceeding three months.
  • Turkey and Republic of Korea - who has diplomatic or official passport - no need a visa for a visit not exceeding one month.
  • Hong Kong - no need visa for a visit not exceeding 14 days (ID cards are accepted to indicate residence in Hong Kong)

Regulations, requirements and visa costs change quite frequently, so it is always necessary to check with your nearest Mongolian Embassy for the latest information about travel to Mongolia. We are not responsible for Mongolian Embassy information's.

Mongolian Embassy

Since the development of political pluralism and transition to democracy and market economy, Mongolia pursues peaceful, open, independent and multi-pillared foreign policy. Today the country maintains diplomatic relations with 163 countries.

Mongolian Embassies Abroad List

NOTE: The Mongolian Embassies Abroad list below was correct at the time of publication. It is subject to change without notice. Regulations, requirements and visa costs change quite frequently, so it is always necessary to check with your nearest Mongolian Embassy for the latest information about travel to Mongolia.

Mongolian Embassy in Austria Mongolian Embassy in Austria

Mongolian Embassy in Vienna, Austria
Botschaft der Mongolei
Fasangartengasse 45
1130, Vienna Austria
City: Vienna
Phone: +43 1 535 3013 +43 1 535 2807
Fax: 0043-1-535 3016

Mongolian Embassy in Australia  Mongolian Embassy in Australia

Mongolian Embassy in Canberra, Australia
1/44 Dalman Crescent
City: Canberra
Phone: +61 (02) 62862947
Fax: +61 (02) 62866381

Mongolian Consulate in Australia  Mongolian Consulate in Australia

Mongolian Consulate Sydney, Australia
13/24 Tryon Ave
NSW 2065
City: Sydney
Phone: +61 (02) 94360766
Fax: +61 (02) 943607661

Mongolian Embassy in Belgium  Mongolian Embassy in Belgium

Mongolian Embassy in Brussels, Belgium
Avenue Besme 18, 1190
Brussels, Belgium
City: Brussels
Phone: +32 2 3446974
Fax: +32 2 3443215

Mongolian Embassy in Canada  Mongolian Embassy in Canada

Mongolian Embassy in Ottawa, Canada
151 Slater Street, Suite 503
Ottawa, Ontario, K1P 5H3
City: Ottawa
Phone: +1(613) 569-3830 +1(613) 569-2623
Fax: +1-(613) 569-3916

Mongolian Embassy in China  Mongolian Embassy in China

Mongolian Embassy in Beijing, China
No 2, Xiushui Beijie Jian Guo Men
Wai Da Jie, Beijing, China
City: Beijing
Phone: +86 10 6532 1810 +86 10 65321203
Fax: +86-10-6532-5045

Mongolian Embassy in France  Mongolian Embassy in France

Mongolian Embassy in Paris, France
5, Avenue Robert Schuman, 92100
Boulogne-Billancourt, Paris,France
City: Paris
Phone: +33 1 46052318 +33 1 46052812
Fax: +33 1 46053016

Mongolian Embassy in Germany  Mongolian Embassy in Germany

Mongolian Embassy in Berlin, Germany
Botschaft der Mongolei, Dietzgen
Str.31 13156 Berlin, Germany
City: Berlin
Phone: +49 (30) 474 80 60
Fax: +49 (30) 474 80 616

Mongolian Consulate in Italy  Mongolian Consulate in Italy

Mongolian Consulate in Trieste, Italy
Via Giulia, 10
34126 Trieste, Italy
City: Trieste
Phone: +39 040 575422
Fax: +39 040 575431

Mongolian Embassy in Japan  Mongolian Embassy in Japan

Mongolian Embassy in Tokyo, Japan
21-4 Kamiyama Cho Shibuya Ku
Tokyo 150-0047, Japan
City: Tokyo
Phone: +81 03 34 69 2088 +81 03 34 69 2162
Fax: +81 03 34 69 2216

Mongolian Consulate in New Zealand  Consulate in New Zealand

Mongolian Consulate in Wellington, New Zealand
86 Kings Crescent
Lower Hutt
Wellington 5010, New Zealand
City: Wellington
Phone: +64 (04) 569 2788
Fax: +64 (04) 566 6293

Mongolian Embassy in Korea  Mongolian Embassy in Korea

Mongolian Embassy in Seoul, South Korea
33-5 Hannam-Dong,
Yongsan-gu, Seoul, ROK
City: Seoul
Phone: +82 2 7983464
Fax: +82 2 7947605

Mongolian Embassy in UK  Mongolian Embassy in UK

Mongolian Embassy in London, United Kingdom
7 Kensington Court
London, W8 5DL
United Kingdom
City: London
Phone: +44 (0) 20 7937 0150
Fax: +44 (0) 20 7937 1117

Mongolian Embassy in USA  Mongolian Embassy in USA

Mongolian Embassy in United States
2833 M street, N.W.
Washington D.C.20007
City: Washington D.C.
Phone: +1 202 333 7117
Fax: +1 202 298 9227

Mongolian Consulate in Singapore  Consulate in Singapore

Mongolian Consulate in Singapore
600 North Bridge Road
Parckview Square 188778
City: Singapore
Phone: +65 63480745
Fax: +65 63481753

NOTE: The above list of Mongolian Embassies abroad was correct at the time of writing. The email addresses and telephone numbers may change without notice.

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