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It is always good to learn something about a country before you visit. You will understand and appreciate everything more, will know what to look out for and see the significance and interconnection between different aspects of the culture, art, history, fashion, music, language and literature.

German Language Travel Book Mongolia
ISBN 978-3-89794-167-0

Unterwegs im Land der Nomaden

Award Winning German Language Mongolia Travel Guide Book revised (3rd edition) 2015 written by our German representative, Dr. Marion Wisotski. This is one of the best travel guides for Mongolia, but at the moment is only available in German language. The author travels around Mongolia collecting her own accurate and up to date information, making GPS recordings and checking facts.

Mongolia Books
ISBN 978-962-217-808-3

Nomad Empire of Eternal Blue Sky

Another wonderful Mongolia book published by Odyssey. Full of facts, photographs and useful information for travel to Mongolia, this guide also has special features on subjects such as Shamanism, geology and local ceremonies. Knowing something about the history, culture, people and places you visit will ensure that you enjoy your visit to Mongolia even more.

About Mongolian Horses
ISBN: 978-9979-72-243-4

Eques Mongolica

Eques Mongolia is essentially about Mongolian horsemanship, but in fact it is so much more. Because of the very close relationship between man and horse, it is actually a fascinating historical and cultural reference. Highly recommended for anyone who is interested in the successful military campaigns of Genghis Khan's armies, the training of Mongolian racehorses, the worship of horses, or the distribution of Mongolian horses worldwide.

Travel Guide Book of Mongolia
ISBN 978-1-84162-178-4

The Bradt Travel Guide: Mongolia

A refreshing new book on all aspects of Mongolia containing up-to-date information for tourists on how to make the best of travel to Mongolia. The guide particularly focuses on ecological issues such as flora, fauna and responsible tourism. The enthusiasm of the writer for the country shines through.

Mongolia Books
ISBN 978-0-9890187-0-8

Moving with the Seasons

Liza traveled five times to Mongolia over four years to document the daily life of a modern nomadic family. Filled with photographs and personal perspectives on daily life, this book is an outgrowth of her relationship with the family who became her collaborators in writing this book.

Mongolia Travel Guide Book
ISBN-13: 9781786575722

Lonely Planet Travel Guide: Mongolia

Wild, untamed Mongolia is fabled for being as far away as you can get from civilisation. But the reality is far different. The capital, Ulaanbaatar, is awash with Hummers and wi-fi hotspots. Nomadic herders chat to each other on mobile phones and kids practice their break dance moves in the shadow of Chinggis Khaan’s statue.

Mongolian Film
Directors: Byambasuren Davaa

The Story of the Weeping Camel DVD

This breathtaking blend of documentary and fiction filmmaking provides an unobtrusive glimpse into the relationships, rituals, and livelihood of a four-generation family of nomadic shepherds in the Gobi Desert. An exotic and beautiful tale follows the adventures of a family of camel herders in Mongolia's Gobi Desert as they face a crisis when their camel rejects her newborn calf after a difficult birth.

Travel Guide Book of Mongolia
ISBN 962-217-689-5

Mongolia: Empire Of The Steppes

This book contains a lot of detailed and useful information not found elsewhere, as well as lovely photographs. It is well written and enjoyable to read, even for people not planning a visit to Mongolia. The section on culture is particularly valuable, and the history chapter describes a complicated subject quite clearly.

About Mongolia Book
ISBN-10: 1413442749

Travels In Northern Mongolia

Travels in Northern Mongolia describes Don Croner's search deep into the heart of the Khangai Mountains of Mongolia for the source of the Yenisei-Angara-Selenga River System, the fifth longest river system in the world; his visits to locales connected with the life of Zanabazar (1635-1723), and a horse back trip to the upper Onon Valley, an area known as the Birthplace of the Mongols, including an ascent of Burkhan Khaldun.

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History Book Mongolia
ISBN 0-30007-609-6

Gobi: Tracking The Desert

For 70 years, the Gobi, one of the worlds richest yet least explored wildernesses, was all but barred to outsiders. With the collapse of communism, the Gobi is beginning to be revealed in all its glorious diversity. Travelling across the Gobi, John Man retraced the steps of the early explorers, living with herdsmen, and drawing on the most recent scientific work.

Mongolia Books
ISBN-10: 0582368960

The Mongols & The West

Jackson has mined the meager records to portray the violence, politics and religious interplay between the disparate adversaries in eastern Europe and west Asia. He also convinces one that the Christians had no real hope for converting the Mongols, who were basically shamanistic when they left the Mongolian steppe but were very tolerant of all faiths under their dominion.

Mongolia History Book
ISBN 0-88029-406-X

Genghis Khan: Secret History

An absolutely charming and very readable account of the life of Genghis Khan, based on "The Secret History of the Mongols" which is the earliest known written account of his childhood and later conquests. The places, people and incidents mentioned are all true, yet so fantastic as to appear to the reader that they must surely have been invented to entertain him.

Motorbike Travel Book Mongolia
ISBN 0-316-72868-3

Long Way Round

From London to New York via Mongolia, actors Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman chased their shadows 20,000 miles around the world on their BMW motorbikes. This is a fascinating, frank and highly entertaining travel book, with several chapters about their experiences in Mongolia.

Mongolian Film
Director: Sergei Bodrov

Mongol: DVD

Genghis Khan a legend of the Mongolian armed forces, one of the most famous conquerors in the history of mankind and a man who managed to unite divided Mongolian tribes and create a colossal empire that can only be compared in terms of size with that of Alexander the Great.

Mongolian Film
Director: Byambasuren Davaa

Cave of Yellow Dog

This is a beautifully filmed simple story set in Arkhangai province, Central Mongolia. A little dog adopted by a young nomadic Mongolian girl saves the life of her brother in this touching tale. The film shows how nomadic families live and interact with each other, their animals and their environment.

Story Book Mongolia
ISBN-13: 978-0553817188

Kublai Khan

Nicely paced biography of Kublai Khan, his exploits and challenges. Kublai expanded the Mongol empire, ended the Song dynasty, and put in place a bureaucracy to rule his lands which span different cultures, religions and languages- no mean feat for one from a nomadic background.

Story Book Mongolia
 ISBN 0-00-255904-8

In The Empire Of Genghis Khan

Undoubtedly one of the best books that has ever been written on Mongolia. It captures perfectly the spirit of Mongolia and its people, and is so entertaining that one cannot read it without often laughing out loud. The photographs are as marvelous as the story.

Travel Guide Book Mongolia
 ISBN 978-962-217-808-3

A Rough Guide Special: First - Time Asia

This guide certainly does contain invaluable information for the first time visitor to Asia (with a special section on Mongolia). But it is such an entertaining read that you should get it anyway. In fact, it is all the funnier for people who have already traveled extensively in Asia and can appreciate how true the advice.

Mongolian Film
Director: Gerardo Olivares

The Great Match: DVD

This hilarious comedy set in Mongolia, Niger and the Amazon, follows the extraordinary efforts of three indigenous tribal groups to see the 2002 football World Cup final between Germany and Brazil. The film captures brilliantly a typical Mongolian Kazakh family's life and very likely situations. The scenery is stunning and photography wonderful.

Story About Mongolia
(Kindle Edition Book 217 kb)

Hold The Dog ! 

In 2005, Jack Fisher set out to travel from Hong Kong to Berlin over land. It was supposed to be all about China, Russia and the Trans-Siberian railway. Mongolia just happened to get in the way: a necessary stamp in the passport. But five years on, it wasn't the four months in China or Russia that brought pen to paper, but 16 unscheduled days in Mongolia.

Travel Guide Mongolia Film
DVD 80 min Lang: Deutsch, English

Joe Pichler: Trans Asien 

Joe Pichler, the Austrian adventurer, with his KTM Adventure motorbike, rode 27,000 km from Salzburg to Kamchatka at the eastern end of Russia. Whilst travelling through Mongolia he was joined by a group of friends and rode KTM 450EXC with Off The Map Tours down to the Gobi Desert. This film is a fine account of his whole journey including preparations.

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