Mountain Bike Tours in Mongolia

For the adventurous cyclist, a mountain biking vacation in Mongolia is a great way to enjoy an active & challenging ride, to experience a fascinating culture, and to escape from the pressures of life in the Western world.

"Off The Map Tours" specialize in mountain bike tours in Mongolia because our company founder was Olympic trainer for the Mongolian National Cycling Team and many of our Mongolian staff were professional cyclists.

Specialized Rockhopper

We have SCHWINN and SPECIALIZED mountain bikes with front suspension hard tail, in a variety of sizes, available for hire. You can bring your own bike if you prefer.

Built primarily for those driven by adventure and fitness, the Specialized Rockhopper Disc Mountain Bike is ideal for the mountain enthusiast who wants to explore various terrains. Tight, tree-lined trails, open fire roads or wherever the pavement ends.

Mountain Bike Tour Routes


Cycling Routes

We have designed all our own routes and know the track, scenery, river crossings or bridges, climbs or technical sections, & camping places for each trip. The combined use of jeeps and bikes allows us to see a substantial part of Mongolia, with its wild and varied scenery.


Cycling Experience

All our mountain biking trails offer unrivaled off-road experiences. Some of the trips are demanding, designed to test experienced mountain bikers, whilst other routes will prove an exhilarating journey possible for those with little off-road experience.

Non-Riders are Welcome on every trip !

Non-Riders are welcome on every trip and can ride in one of the support vehicles. Mountain biking adventures give you an opportunity to make great friends amongst the group as well as meeting local Mongolians and nomadic families living an ancient lifestyle that has changed little in centuries.


Mountain Biking in Mongolia

We've arranged some fantastic trips in remote and beautiful parts of Mongolia and have organised some large group cycling challenge events to raise money for charity. "Off The Map Tours" started in 1998 doing mountain bike tours, so we've been doing this kind of trip the longest. (PLEASE NOTE: This video is an old, low resolution and amateur video)

Scheduled Mountain Bike Tours

When choosing which trip you want to do you will need to consider the tour dates, the cost, the length of the tour and type of accommodation. See the chart below:

Bulgan Mountain Biking & Cycling Tours Mongolia
04 - 12 AUGUST, 2022

Bulgan Mountain Bike Tour

▪  Total Days:  9 days
▪  Riding Days:  6 days
▪  Accommodation:  Camping
▪  Support Vehicle:  YES
▪  Total Distance: 300 km

Orkhon Mountain Biking & Cycling Tour Mongolia

Orkhon Mountain Bike Tour

▪  Total Days:  10 days
▪  Riding Days:  6 days
▪  Accommodation:  Camping
▪  Support Vehicle:  YES
▪  Total Distance: 250 km

Cycling Khangai Mountain Biking Tour Mongolia

Khangai Mountain Bike Tour

▪  Total Days:  11 days
▪  Riding Days:  8 days
▪  Accommodation:  Camping
▪  Support Vehicle:  YES
▪  Total Distance: 250 km

Khovsgol Mountain Biking & Cycling Tour Mongolia

Khovsgol Mountain Bike Tour

▪  Total Days:  12 days
▪  Riding Days:  8 days
▪  Accommodation:  Camping
▪  Support Vehicle:  YES
▪  Total Distance: 350 km

Mountain Bike Tour Grading

All the tours require some technical skill, off-road riding experience and stamina. Daily riding distances vary from 70 - 100 km, depending on the terrain. If you are doing a private tailor-made tour then the speed and distance can be adjusted to suit your group.

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