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Welcome to Off The Map Tours, where we offer exciting adventures through beautiful landscapes in Mongolia. Since 1998, we have been taking adventurers on trips to explore this unique country where we will lead you on a journey through the vast Mongolian wilderness, introducing you to the culture and traditions of the country and taking you to visit nomadic families. Our self-developed routes will ensure a memorable experience without any compromises. Join us as we discover the authentic world of Mongolia's nomadic culture.

Summer Tours 2024

During the summer season, June to September, we will run several fixed date group trips to Mongolia which you are welcome to join as an individual or several friends together. Activities include mountain biking, motorcycling, horse riding and trekking as well as historical and cultural special tours.

  The Tours

We organise trips for individuals, small and large groups in all parts of Mongolia


Group Tours

We have a summer schedule of group tours which we plan to run from the start of the tourist season in June through to the end of September. These trips have fixed dates and are open to individuals or groups of friends. We need a minimum group size of 4 people to guarantee to run a trip, although sometimes we might do it with less people.


Tailor-Made Tours

For groups of 4 or more people we can organise a private tailor made trip according to your dates and interests. The price depends on the number of people in your group; if there are more participants to share costs then the price per person will be lower. Trips can run during the tourist season between June and September.

Mongolia Tours

Travel to Mongolia with us

Are you ready for the ultimate adventure in Mongolia? As a completely independent tour operator, we have spent years researching and perfecting our routes through exploration. At "Off The Map Tours" we ensure the safety and reliability of your journey with our own fleet of vehicles, bikes, and equipment. Our team of local experts, strive to give you the best possible experience. Come with us and discover the breath-taking beauty of Mongolia's natural landscapes and rich cultural heritage.

Off Road Tours in Mongolia

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We are a completely independent travel tour operator in Mongolia, not an agent or representative of any other company. In addition we have the best and most enthusiastic team who work efficiently together to create the best experience.


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