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The Secret History of Mongolia

This historical and cultural tour in the central region of Mongolia covers many of the most important sites in the country, including valleys inhabited by Mongolia’s most famous hero, Genghis Khan, and by "Zanabazar", the first in a line of reincarnate Lamas who were religious and secular leaders until the Mongolian Revolution in 1921.

History of Mongolia

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Historical and Cultural Tour

The Secret History of the Mongols is a chronicle written in the 13th century, covering the origins of the Mongol people, the rise to power and reign of Genghis Khan in the thirteenth century.

Nearly 500 years later, Zanabazar was born, a direct descendent of Genghis Khan and great sculptor, painter, architect, poet, scholar, and linguist. Throughout the country there are many references to these two protectors of Mongolia, but nowhere more so than the central provinces, which even prior to Genghis Khan had been the chosen location for earlier Central Asian Empires.

Lama Prayer Call

  Дижитал - Мэдээлэл !

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Secret History Tour Map

Day By Day Itinerary

This itinerary is for anyone interested in the history and culture of Mongolia.   

Arrive in   'Ulaanbaatar' and go to hotel. Afternoon at leisure. Overnight in hotel.

Drive to "Tsonjiin Boldog" to see the   'Genghis Khan' Complex, largest horse statue in the world. Visit the small museum attached with exhibits from the Bronze Age and Xiongnu period of Mongolian history. Afternoon visit   'Chojin Lam'  temple museum, occupied until 1908 by the brother of the eigth "Bogd Khan". Overnight hotel.

Drive Ulaanbaatar to  'Khogno Khan', a dramatic granite mountain offering marvellous views of mountain, desert and steppe landscapes. Afternoon hike over the pass, or drive around the mountain, to visit   'Ovgun Khiid' temple and monastery ruins. Overnight ger camp.

Drive south to the "Orkhon" Valley, stopping to visit   'Shankh' monastery, founded in 1647 by "Zanabazar", the first "Bogd" Khan and head of Tibbetan Buddhism in Mongolia. Overnight ger camp at "Uurtiin Tokhoi" cliff nearby a most scenic viewpoint of the "Orkhon" river canyon.

Cross to the other side of the river and climb up to   'Tuvkhun Khiid' temple, established by Zanabazar in 1648 on a mountainside above the "Orkhon" Valley. Afternoon drive further along the valley to the   'Orkhon Waterfall'. Overnight ger camp.

Drive to "Kharkhorin", the original centre of Buddhism in Mongolia and the place chosen by Genghis Khan as his capital. Visit   'Erdene Zuu' monastery, the Kharkhorin museum and the King’s Monument on a hill overlooking the town. Overnight ger camp.

Drive to "Tsetserleg", the capital of Arkhangai province, and visit the charming   'Zayiin Gegeen' temple museum. Afternoon drive over "Bulgan" mountain to "Ikh Tamir" district and see ancient deer stele and stone man monuments. Overnight ger camp beside   'Taikhir Chuluu'. Overnight ger camp.

Drive to "Khotont"  village and visit   'Khar Balgas', eighth century ruins of a fortified command point and commercial city, typical of the central points along the length of the Silk Road. Continue north to  'Khoshoo Tsaidam'  to visit the "Gorkturk" museum and Turkish funeral monuments. Overnight ger camp beside "Ugii Lake".

Return to Ulaanbaatar via the new   'Millenium Road'. Overnight hotel.

(Tour price is based on a group of 4 people)


about the tour

Tour Information:

This trip is a fascinating historical and cultural experience in the central region of Mongolia which has been the capital of several world empires over the past two millenia.

All nights are spent at GER camps where the accommodation is in traditional Mongolian round white felt tents, and there are restaurant and bathroom facilities.

Historical Tour of Mongolia description:

  • Accommodation in ger camps with toilet and shower facilities

  • Accommodation on tour is always in ger camps (2/3 people sharing)

  • The ger camps are privately owned and facilities vary.

  • The hiking and riding activities are optional

  • Maximum daily driving distance 300km

  • This tour will run with a minimum of 4 people.

  • Hotel in UB based on sharing "TWIN" room.

  • Single hotel supplement $40 per night

The following items are included in the price of the tour:

  • All meals (except Ulaanbaatar)

  • 3 - nights hotel "Continental" sharing twin room

  • 6 - nights Traditional Ger Camps (shared Ger)

  • Entrance Fees

  • Tour Support Vehicle

  • All transportation (except Airport Transfer)

  • Bottled Mineral Water

  • English Speaking Guide

The following items will be in addition to the price of the tour:

  • International Flight

  • Visa Cost

  • Airport Transfers

  • Alcohol and Soft Drinks

  • Travel Insurance

The places you will see along the way:

  • "Genghis Khan" Horse Statue

  • "Erdene Zuu" Monastery

  • "Orkhon" River Valley

  •  Ancient Deer Stones and Stone Men

  • "Tuvkhun" Monastery built by Zanabazar

  • "Gorturk" museum and Turkish monuments

  • "Taikhir" Chuluu

  • "Ogii" Lake

what you will see

Tour Highlights

Genghis Khan
Location: Central Mongolia

Genghis Khan Statue

The statue of Genghis Khan on a horse is located east of Ulaanbaatar, beside the Tuul river. The statue is 40 meters tall and people can go up a lift inside the neck to reach the horse's head for magnificent panoramic views of the whole area.

History of Mongolia
Location: Central Mongolia

Ancient Deer Stones

Deer Stones are a fine example of Central Asian nomadic sculpture. The standing stones are covered in engravings of running deer with large antlers. They date from 7th to 3rd century BC and marked the site of gatherings.

Rare Cultural Tours Mongolia
Location: Central Mongolia

Turkish Monuments

The museum of Khoshoo Tsaidam contains relics relating to the period in the 7th and 8th centuries AD when Mongolia was ruled by Turkic Khans. On display are anthropomorphic and zoomorphic stone statues and stele bearing historical descriptions.

Historical Tour Mongolia Video

Since the sixteenth century Mongolia has essentially been a Buddhist country, living a faith very similar to that of the people of Tibet. Monks from Mongolia went to Tibet to study, and Tibetan Lamas came to Mongolia. The fourth Dalai Lama was a Mongolian. Some of the religious buildings in Mongolia are Tibetan style, others are Manchurian, and there are a few round Mongolian temples. (PLEASE NOTE: This video is an old, low resolution and amateur video)

"Many thanks for a great holiday in Mongolia it was amazing ! My dad finally managed to visit the place he had been speaking about for 30 years and it was everything and a lot more he ever imagined it to be, so thanks again for looking after us so well..."

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