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Naadam Festival Cultural Adventure

This trip is a chance to enjoy some of the best bits of Mongolian culture and scenery. The summer Naadam festival is celebrated in every city, town and village and is a sporting event with horse racing, wrestling and archery competitions. The occasion is an opportunity for everyone to dress up, ride their best horse and make the most of the two - day Naadam.

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Tour and Facilities

The route passes through all the different geographical zones of Mongolia: desert, steppe, mountain and forest. There will be some horse riding and hiking, and probably the chance to ride on a yak and cart or a camel, as the local people do.

A visit to Mongolia would not be complete without travelling to the Orkhon Valley where Genghis Khan established the capital of the great Mongol Empire. A huge Buddhist monastery was built on the same site in the sixteenth century. This 9 - day itinerary reflects the fact that Mongolia is a land of variety and contrast.

Three Manly Sport of Mongolia

Naadam Festival Tour Map

Tour starts from Ulaanbaatar and goes south-west into Arkhangai province in Central Mongolia, including a day spent enjoying Naadam in one of the villages.

Day By Day Itinerary

Hiking and riding activities are a "TASTER" only and you don't need to be super fit or experienced

Arrive in   'Ulaanbaatar' and go to hotel. Afternoon or evening meet the tour leader and rest of group for pre tour meeting. Overnight in hotel.

Drive out of the city and across the vast open land to   'Khogno Khan'. Overnight ger camp at the foot of the big granite mountain.

Jeep to Kharkhorin in the valley where Genghis Khan established the capital of the Mongol Empire. Visit Erdene Zuu  'Erdene Zuu' Buddhist monastery. Overnight ger camp.

Jeep to    'Tsenkher Jiguur' hot springs. Afternoon ride horses or relax in the outdoor hot baths. Overnight ger camp on the edge of the forest.

In the morning we visit a   'nomadic family' in the valley to see their fascinating lifestyle. Afternoon free time. Overnight ger camp.

Jeep to "Tsetserleg" town to enjoy the Naadam festival. Watch the wrestling and enjoy the spectacle at the finish line of the 25km   'Naadam' horse race. Jeep over "Bulgan" mountain to "Ikh Tamir" ger camp beside the river.

Jeep to   'Elsen Tasarkhai' an area of big golden sand dunes and desert vegetation. Ride camels or horses in the area. Overnight ger camp.


(Tour price is based on a group of 4 people)


about the tour

Tour Information:

The route passes through all the different geographical zones of Mongolia: desert, steppe, mountain and forest. There will be some horse riding and hiking, and probably the chance to ride on a yak and cart or a camel, as the local people do.

All nights are spent at GER camps where the accommodation is in traditional Mongolian round white felt tents, and there are restaurant and bathroom facilities.

Naadam Festival Tour description:

  • See an authentic Naadam Festival

  • Accommodation in ger camps

  • Hiking and riding activities are optional

  • Visit nomadic family

  • We accept other major currencies

  • Minimum group size 4 people.

  • Hotel based on sharing "TWIN" room.

  • Single hotel supplement $40 per night

The following items are included in the price of the tour:

  • All meals (except Ulaanbaatar) & bottled mineral water

  • 2 - nights hotel "Continental" sharing twin room

  • Traditional tourist "Ger" camps

  • Entrance Fees

  • Tour Support Vehicle

  • All transportation (except Airport Transfer)

  • Bottled Mineral Water

  • English Speaking Guide

The following items will be in addition to the price of the tour:

  • International Flight

  • Visa Cost

  • Airport Transfers

  • Alcohol and Soft Drinks

  • Travel Insurance

The places you will see along the way:

  • "Khogno Khan" Mountain

  • "Uvgon Khiid" Monastery

  • "Erdene Zuu" Monastery

  • "Genghis Khan's" Stone Turtle 

  • Outdoor Hot Mineral Baths

  • "Naadam" Festival

  • "Taikhar" Chuluu Rock

  • "Elsen Tasarkhai" (Little Gobi Desert)

what you will see

Tour Highlights

Tourist Ger Camps in Mongolia
Location: Central Mongolia

Khogno Khan Mountain

Khogno Khan mountain has its peak at 1967 meters and has marvellous views of the surrounding plains and sand dunes. A small temple on the mountainside has been restored beside the ruins of 17th century monastery.

Pray Wheels
Location: Central Mongolia

Erdene Zuu Monastery

This monastery was founded in 1585 on the instruction of the third Dalai Lama of Tibet and is the original centre of Buddhism in Mongolia. It was built on the site of the capital of Genghis Khan's Mongol Empire.

Horse Race
Location: Central Mongolia

Naadam festival

This summer festival of the "Three Manly Sports" takes place in July in every town and village across Mongolia. The two-day event includes competitions of archery, wrestling and horse racing.

Naadam Festival

Naadam is a traditional festival in Mongolia. The festival is also locally termed (Эрийн Гурван Наадам), "the three games of men". The games are Mongolian wrestling, horse racing, and archery, and are held throughout the country during midsummer. (PLEASE NOTE: This video is an old, low resolution and amateur video)

"We wish that we had more time to spend in Mongolia. What a fascinating place. Not only the Naadam Festival in Ulaanbaatar, but the many mini - Naadam Festivals we encountered in the countryside as well as the people and scenery were fantastic..."

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