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Gobi Desert & Khangai Mountains (Mountain Biking)

  • This 300km ride through remote and beautiful scenery...

    Provides an opportunity to see the real Mongolia: vast and varied landscapes, nomadic families, and historical sites. Starting with an internal flight to Bayankhongor on the northern edge of the Gobi Desert, the route goes into the Khangai Mountains, second highest range in Mongolia, and finishes near Kharkhorin the site of Genghis Khan's capital in the thirteenth century.

    The riding is 100% off road

    Following rough jeep tracks for most of the way. The highest point is Khul Sayangiin Davaa at 2750 metres, and there are several technical downhill stretches. Daily riding distance varies up to a maximum of 65km. Outside Ulaanbaatar all nights will be spent camping in Western-style tents.


Gobi Desert Mountain Biking Tour Map

Tour starts northern edge of Gobi Desert and passes over the Khangai mountains Mongolia

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Day By Day Itinerary

Day 12020

Day 1

Gobi Desert & Khangai Mountains (Mountain Biking)

Arrive in Ulaanbaatar and go to hotel. Afternoon or evening meet the tour leader and rest of group for pre - tour meeting to talk about day by day itinerary and safety issues. Overnight in hotel.

Day 22020

Day 2

Gobi Desert & Khangai Mountains (Mountain Biking)

Transfer to the airport and take a one and a half hour flight south to Bayankhongor town on the edge of the Gobi Desert. Meet the tour crew, assemble the bikes and start riding into the mountains. Overnight camp beside a small river.

Day 32020

Day 3

Gobi Desert & Khangai Mountains (Mountain Biking)

Ride along the valley to 'Shargaljuut'. In the hills surrounding this small village are hundreds of hot and cold mineral springs. A health resort for local people has been established. Afternoon continue riding over the mountains to set up camp in the next valley.

Day 42020

Day 4

Gobi Desert & Khangai Mountains (Mountain Biking)

There are a couple of long slow uphill stretches followed by glorious downhill's ! These valleys are inhabited only by nomadic families with their herds of sheep and yaks. They make passers-by very welcome, and you are sure to be invited into their ger for a bowl of "airag" (fermented mare's milk) and piece of cheese. Overnight camping.

Day 52020

Day 5

Gobi Desert & Khangai Mountains (Mountain Biking)

Ride up to the highest point 'Khul Sayangiin Davaa', through increasingly remote and wild countryside. Towards the end of the day the track gets rougher and there are several rivers to cross.

Day 62020

Day 6

Gobi Desert & Khangai Mountains (Mountain Biking)

At first the track continues along a rocky river bed. Then the scenery starts to change, becoming greener with a few trees. There are magnificent views of the route that can be admired from each pass. Overnight camping.

Day 72020

Day 7

Gobi Desert & Khangai Mountains (Mountain Biking)

Ride over one small pass to reach the first sign of civilisation since Shargaljuut. This is the "som" (village) of Bulgan, which has a school, a health centre (and a lady doctor who does call-outs on her yak ) and a series of bizarre animal statues outside the grand theatre building. Ride through 'Tsetserleg' town, the capital of Arkhangai province, to reach the camping spot beside the Tamir river.

Day 82020

Day 8

Gobi Desert & Khangai Mountains (Mountain Biking)

Jeep to Kharkhorin town in the Orkhon valley. At one time this was the centre of the great Mongol Empire. In the 16th century 'Erdene Zuu' Buddhist monastery was founded here and there will be an opportunity to visit the monastery which currently houses about 40 monks. Overnight camping beside the Orkhon river.

Day 92020

Day 9

Gobi Desert & Khangai Mountains (Mountain Biking)

Return by jeep to Ulaanbaatar. Overnight hotel.

Day 102020

Day 10

Gobi Desert & Khangai Mountains (Mountain Biking)



Price is available on request

NOTE: Price depends on how many people are in the group.


Tour Information:

• This tour is classed as 98% off-road and is a fully supported tour.
• Accommodation on tour is wild camping in tents.
• Non riders are welcome to join any of our mountain bike tours.
• We accept other major currencies.


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  Remote "Khangai" Mountains
  "Erdene Zuu" monastery




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