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Grand Enduro Motorcycle Trail 

To enjoy the most amazing scenery, historical sights, and Mongolia’s full range of geographical zones, one needs to do this tour. The route includes the beautiful Orkhon waterfall, several freshwater and saltwater lakes, dramatic granite features and volcanic landscapes, plus Lake Khovsgol – sister lake of Baikal which is only 600 km away on the Russian side of the border. The 1st part of the route goes through the mountains and valleys which were the centre of the Mongol Empire. You will see active Buddhist temples, a nomadic lifestyle that has changed little since the days of Genghis Khan, and sculptures thousands of years old. Grand enduro tour of over 1500 km covers remote steppe, mountain and forest, nearly all off-road, on all types of terrain. To maximise the distance covered in the time available, take a domestic flight back to Ulaanbaatar at the end of the trail.

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Riding Terrain and Facilities

This tour is 90% off-road and terrain includes hard-pack, loose gravel, mud, sand, rock, tricky downhill sections and river crossings. Much of the trail is fast and some days are long, requiring stamina. The trail is not suitable for beginners without off-road experience; it is very remote and far from good medical facilities. All nights are 'WILD CAMPING' except the last night at a 'GER' Camp where the accommodation is in traditional Mongolian round white felt tents, and there are restaurant and bathroom facilities.

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Tour Highlights

Motorbike Trails Mongolia
Location: Central Mongolia

Erdene Zuu

The original centre of Buddhism in Mongolia was founded in the 16th century. It was constructed on the site of the capital of Genghis Khan’s Mongol Empire (13th century) and is surrounded by 108 white stupas. Today it is an active monastery and place of pilgrimage for Mongolians.

Tours in Mongolia
Location: Central Mongolia

Orkhon Waterfall

This is the most impressive waterfall in Mongolia. It was created approximately 20,000 years ago as a result of volcanic activity in the region. During winter the falls are frozen, and in early summer it may be dry, but when in full flow it is quite spectacular.

Off-Road Dirt Ride Mongolia
Location: Northern Mongolia

Lake Khovsgol

Mongolia’s “Blue Pearl” lies in the north of the country on the Russian border. In winter the lake is frozen and vehicles drive to the northern tip to trade. The lake is 260 meters deep and contains 70% of Mongolia’s fresh water; the Egiin river flowing out goes to Lake Baikal in Siberia.


Grand Enduro Trail Map

Mongolia is a great place for a motorcycle tour, but it is only suitable for confident riders with off-road experience. The routes are too remote and the terrain too rough for beginners. In parts of the country there are no facilities for tourists so we camp in the wilderness.

Day By Day Itinerary

This itinerary is suitable for experienced riders with some off-road experience

Arrive in   'Ulaanbaatar' and go to hotel. Evening meet the tour leader and rest of group for pre tour meeting. The meeting is about the day by day itinerary and safety issues. Overnight in hotel.

Allocation of motorbikes and set out east of the city, first to visit the giant silver statue of   'Genghis Khan'  on a horse, then ride south-west towards Kharkhorin, the old capital of Mongolia, stopping to camp near Erdene Sant.

Visit   'Erdene Zuu' monastery, the original centre of Buddhism in Mongolia and site of Genghis Khan’s capital. After lunch head into the Orkhon valley, surrounded on both sides by the beautiful Khangai mountains. Overnight camping near the  'Orkhon Waterfall'  river. Overnight 'Camping'.

Ride through the mountains, over several   'passes'  with magnificent views, to arrive in town for lunch and a browse round the local market. Afternoon ride northwards through the remote valleys of Arkhangai province. Overnight 'Camping'.

Ride on to reach the   'White Lake',  stopping on the way to climb the nearby volcano and to see various dramatic features in the surrounding area that were created by   'Khorgo Vocano'  volcanic activity. Overnight camping nearby nomadic families at a salt water lake. Overnight 'Camping'.

Continue northwards on rough jeep tracks through beautiful and remote scenery   'Tarvagtain Davaa',  with many opportunities to see how the nomads work and enjoy the summer months, in the same way that they have done for hundreds of years. Overnight 'Camping' near Zurkh Lake.

Ride through Moron town (ref. Jeremy Clarkson’s Grand Tour) and visit nearby sculptures,   'Standing Stone'  and ancient grave markers, the very best examples in Central Asia. Arrive at   'Khovsgol Lake',  “Mongolia’s Switzerland”, deep blue with the high 'Sayan' mountains along the western shore. Overnight 'Ger' camp.

Ride back south 100 km to the airport at Murun for a flight to   'Ulaanbaatar'. Overnight hotel in Ulaanbaatar.

(Tour price is based on a group of 6 people. Motorbike rent cost USD $130 per day including fuel)


about the tour

Tour Information:

Much of the trail is fast and some days are long, requiring stamina. The trail is not suitable for beginners without off-road experience; it is very remote and far from good medical facilities.

All nights are 'WILD CAMPING' except the last night at a 'GER' Camp where the accommodation is in traditional Mongolian round white felt tents, and there are restaurant and bathroom facilities.

  • This tour is classed as 90% off-road and is a fully supported tour

  • Accommodation on tour is wild camping and one night ger camp

  • Available to hire: KTM 450 EXC '6 - DAYS'

  • Non riders are welcome to join any of our motorbike tours. 

  • 100% fully guided motorcycle tour

  • This tour will run with a minimum of 6 people.

  • Hotel in UB based on sharing "TWIN" room.

  • Single hotel supplement $40 per night

  • All meals (except Ulaanbaatar) & bottled mineral water

  • 2 - nights hotel "Continental" sharing twin room

  • 5 - Nights Tent Hire

  • 1 - Night Traditional Tourist Ger Camp

  • Motorbike Tour Support Vehicle

  • All Transportation (except Airport Transfer)

  • Insurance (3rd party motorbike insurance)

  • Entrance Fees

  • International Flight

  • Visa Cost

  • Airport Transfers

  • Domestic flight from Murun - Ulaanbaatar

  • Motorbike Hire (motorbike hire USD $130 per day including fuel)

  • Motorbike damage security deposit (fully refundable)

  • Protective Motorbike Clothing

  • Travel Insurance

  • Erdene Zuu Buddhist Monastery

  • White Lake

  • Ancient Deer Stones and Man Stones

  • Chuluut River Gorge

  • Khorgo Volcano

  • Khovsgol Lake

  • Orkhon Waterfall

  • Tsetserleg Town and Local Market

  Дижитал - Мэдээлэл !

АНХААРУУЛГА: Хэрэв та болон таны компани тухайн аялалын маршрутын чиглэл, текст үг өгүүлбэр, фото, газрын зургыг хуулбарлахаар төлөвлөж байгаа болон хуулбарлан санаа авч өөр арга хэлбэрээр дахин нэр өгч өөрчлөн боловсруулж ашиглахыг хориглоно!


Non-Riders are  Welcome on every trip!

Non-Riders are welcome on every trip and can ride in one of the support vehicles. Mongolia motorcycle adventures give you an opportunity to make great friends amongst the group as well as meeting local Mongolians and nomadic families living an ancient lifestyle that has changed little in centuries.

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