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Brochure 2015:

 Online Summer 2012 Brochure

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Download our new brochure in PDF format with details of all dated group tours for summer.

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Travel Book

 ITB Berlin 2011 Award Winning MONGOLEI German Language Travel Book

ITB Berlin 2011 Award Winning Mongolia Travel Guide written by our German representative, Marion Wisotski.

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Client's Comments:

Travel Mongolia ©OTMT

Travel to Mongolia with Off The Map Tours
Are you looking for a different holiday destination? Travel to Mongolia !
We organize mountain
biking and cycling vacations, off-road motorcycle tours, overland expeditions, trekking and hiking holidays, horse riding and cultural treks, trips and travel in the most beautiful parts of Mongolia.

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  Travel To Mongolia with Off The Map Tours ©OTMT
A motorcycle tour in Mongolia is undoubtedly an amazing experience. Hire a motorbike, one of our new KTM 450 EXC enduro trail bikes, for an excellent off-road motorbike touring vacation in Mongolia.
  Gobi Desert Off Road Motorcycle Tour (22nd June - 1st July)
  Khorgo Volcano and White Lake Motorcycle Tour (10th - 18th Sept) 
  Motorcycle Trail to Birth Place of Genghis Khan (12th - 19th June)
  Middle Gobi Motorcycle Tour (19th - 24th August)
  Eastern Mongolia Motorbike Tour (27th - 31st August)
  Off Road Motorbike Tours in Mongolia ©OTMT
There is no more suitable country in the world for an equestrian vacation than Mongolia. Our group horse riding holiday tour is the most exciting and authentic Mongolian journey in Central Mongolia . You do not have to be an expert at horse riding to enjoy a horseback riding holiday in Mongolia, but such a horse riding trip will be the experience of a lifetime.

  Camel Riding Trek in The Gobi Desert in Mongolia Riding In The Valley Of Genghis Khan (20th - 29th September)  
  Horse Riding Tours & Holidays in Mongolia ©OTMT
The annual Naadam festival in Mongolia is the highlight of a tour to Mongolia. The Naadam festival celebrates 3 manly sports horse racing Mongolian wrestling and archery. Our 2014 Naadam festival holiday is a wonderful cultural experience for Mongolia travel and includes some hiking, horse riding, camel riding and yak and cart trip.

  Travel to Mongolia Annual Naadam Festival Cultural Adventure Tour (6th - 14th July)  

Mongolian Annual Naadam Festival Tour in Mongolia ©OTMT
An overland trip across Mongolia is a fantastic expedition in Central Asia. Our 4 x 4 jeeps and 6 x 6 Kamaz Expedition bus will take you on our Overland Gobi Desert Expedition Tour through the Middle Gobi and across Mongolia's legendary Gobi Desert. Enjoy camel riding, horse riding, hiking, camping and Mongolian gers in this exceptional visit to Mongolia.

  Travel to Mongolia Overland Gobi Desert Expedition Tour (22nd June - 1st July)  
Overland Expeditions Mongolia ©OTMT
Hiking vacations and journeys in Mongolia are quite a different kind of trekking experience. Trails for hiking are few because Mongolians ride horses everywhere, and the mountains are remote and sparsely populated with nomadic families and their herds of horses, camels, yaks, sheep and goats. Camping and trekking in Mongolia is a wild experience.

  Mount Kharkhiraa Hiking Trip in Western Mongolia (17th - 28th July)  
  Hiking & Trekking Tour in Mongolia ©OTMT
All our tours & holidays in Mongolia have a cultural aspect and whichever kind of travel in Mongolia you do, you will get a chance to experience the fascinating lifestyle of Mongolia's nomadic people. If you have only a short time to travel in Mongolia, you should visit the infamous Gobi Desert and Kharkhorin where the centre of the Mongol Empire once stood.

  Family Holidays In Central Mongolia (31st July - 9th August 2015)  
  Family Adventure Tours in Mongolia ©OTMT
If you want to visit Mongolia for a cycling vacation, you can join one of our group mountain bike tours in Mongolia. We have a very exciting new mountain bike trip in northern Mongolia and a great bicycle tour in Central Mongolia in the mountains and valleys once roamed by Genghis Khan.

  Bulgan Mountain Bike Trail (2nd - 10th June 2015)  
  Genghis Khan Mountain Bike Trail (18th - 27th June 2015)  
  Mountain Biking Mongolia ©OTMT
Riding on camels is a really fun way to experience travelling in Mongolia and camel riding is included in several of our group vacations in Central Mongolia and the Gobi Desert. In some parts of Mongolia the people ride camels instead of horses, and where the climate is cooler they ride reindeer and ride yaks. Enjoy an exceptional riding trip to Mongolia.

  Camel Trek in The Gobi Desert (8th - 19th September)  
Camel Riding Tour in Mongolia ©OTMT
The Trans Mongolian train between Beijing and Ulaanbaatar is one section of the famous Trans Siberian Railway which continues on to Moscow. The train journey to Mongolia itself provides a thrilling vacation across Central Asia and a train tour includes sightseeing in Beijing the train to Mongolia.

  Trans Siberian Train from Moscow to Ulaanbaatar  
    Beijing & The Trans Mongolian Train to Ulaanbaatar   
  Trans Mongolian Train Journey to Mongolia ©OTMT
We have organized charity fund-raising tours in Mongolia for many UK charities including the Macmillan Fund, NDCS, PDSA and the Anthony Nolan Trust. These charity tours in Mongolia are usually horse riding trips or mountain biking events and thousands of pounds have been raised in sponsorship by participating in a charity challenge in Mongolia.

  more information about these tours  

  Charity Challenge Mongolia ©OTMT
    We invite you to visit Mongolia  

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