Master Rally Motorcycle Trail  

2 - 10 September 2020 only USD $2895

We are constantly researching and improving routes in order to be able to offer new and exciting tours with interesting features that are not offered by any other travel company. This off-road “Mongolia Master Rally” Motorcycle Trail is our NEW trip and it follows part of the route taken by the 'Mongolian Automotive & Motorcycle Association' annual event.


Ikh Gazariin Chuluu is in the granite belt of Mongolia. The highest peak is Erlug Uul, 1706 meters above sea level. This area of unusual rock pinacles is about 70km north east of Mandalgov in Gurvansaikhan sum.


Baga Bogd Uul mountain is one of the three mountains of the Gobi-Altai mountain range. It has an altitude of 3590 meters above sea level. There are many rare animals such as Argali and Siberian ibex. In total, 2260 plant species occur in Mongolia of which 500 are herbal plants. Also Mongolia is the habitat of 140 mammal species and 390 birds.


The desert-steppe zone on the northern rim of the Gobi Desert is a transition zone - a dry region of parched grasslands and salt pans, with many grasses and shrubs that are unique to central Asia. The flowers are a mix of alpine, temperate and Mediterranean.

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In the arid Gobi Desert region of Mongolia occur groves of the unusual small Saxaul tree "Haloxylon ammondendron". It is the only kind of wood available that nomads can use for heating and cooking.


These dramatic rocky mountains form a marvellous backdrop to Buren village in Tuv (“Central”) province. At the top, the pinnacles of granite rise vertically to the sky, whilst at the bottom is a “raashan” , a mineral water spring that has been decorated with silk scarves and prayers.


Arts Bogd Uul is one of the three great mountains (Bogd) of the Gobi-Altai mountain range. They rise up from the steppe and dominate the horizon for many hours along the route (Day 5) in the district of Bogd village.On the northern part of the mountain is the site of a big forge of Palaeolithic age.

Most of the 1600 km's are off-road; sometimes the track will be fast and other times it is rough and difficult so technical skill and stamina are required because the daily riding hours are long. The trip is in a remote part of ‘Ovorkhangai’ province and we travel south from Ulaanbaatar to the edge of the Gobi Desert, returning via a more mountainous landscape. Accommodation will be wild camping in tents with no luxurious facilities.

Master Rally Mongolia Motorcycle Trail Map

Mongolia is a great place for a motorcycle tour, but it is only suitable for confident riders with off-road experience. The routes are too remote and the terrain too rough for beginners. In parts of the country there are no facilities for tourists so we camp in the wilderness.

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Day by Day Itinerary



Tour Information:

   This tour is classed as 95% off-road and is fully supported tour
   Accommodation on tour is always wild camping
   Non riders are welcome to join any of our motorbike tours. Price is available on request
   Available to hire: KTM 450EXC
   100% fully guided motorcycle tour
   This tour will run with a minimum of 4 people
   We accept other major currencies

   All Meals (except UB) & Bottled Mineral Water
   2 Nights Hotel "Continental" (based on 2 people sharing twin room)
   6 Nights Camping Hire of Tents (based on 2 people sharing tent)
   Special Permited Area Fees
   Support Vehicle
   All Transportation (except Airport Transfer)
   Motorbike Insurance (3rd Party)

   International Flight
   Visa Cost
   Airport Transfers
   Motorbike Protective Clothing
   Motorbike Damage Security Deposit (fully refundable)
   Motorbike Hire ( motorbike hire USD $130 per day including fuel)
   Travel Insurance
   Alcohol and Soft Drinks

   Eej Had "Mother Rock"
   Ikh Gazriin Chuluu mountains
   Delgerkhangai mountain pass
   Bichigt Khutul mountain eagles nests and flowers
   Mountain, Steppe and Desert Zones
   Herds of Bactrian Camels
   Ride literally OFF THE MAP

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Eastern Tour1395/pp

Mountain, Forest, Steppe

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  •   Riding Days: 3 days
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  •   Support Vehicle: YES
  •   Total Distance: 600 km

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Middle Gobi1895/pp

Desert & Steppe

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  •   Riding Days: 4 days
  •   Accommodation: Ger Camp
  •   Support Vehicle: YES
  •   Total Distance: 1000 km

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Genghis Khan2395/pp

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  •   Total Days: 8 days
  •   Riding Days: 6 days
  •   Accommodation: Camping
  •   Support Vehicle: YES
  •   Total Distance: 1400 km

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Master Rally Trail2895/pp

Mountain, Desert, Steppe

  •   Total Days: 9 days
  •   Riding Days: 7 days
  •   Accommodation: Camping
  •   Support Vehicle: YES
  •   Total Distance: 1600 km

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Gobi Desert2995/pp

Desert & Steppe

  •   Total Days: 10 days
  •   Riding Days: 8 days
  •   Accommodation: Ger Camp
  •   Support Vehicle: YES
  •   Total Distance: 1750 km

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Master Rally Mongolia Motorcycle Trail

Ikh Gazariin Chuluu is a nationally protected area in the granite belt of Mongolia. The highest peak is Erlug Uul, 1706 meters above sea level. This area of unusual rock pinacles is about 70km north east of Mandalgov in Gurvansaikhan sum. Located in the province of Dundgov, "Middle Gobi", this is said to be the windiest place in Mongolia. Amongst the rocks is a natural stage in the most dramatic setting where performances of traditional music and dance take place during the summer months.

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What Our Customers Think

  • "We were very impressed with the organisation, variety of terrain and scenery, the food - delicious ! We think this just might be the best catered trip we have been on - the support, the bikes and their maintenance and the team in general. We will certainly be telling all our friends about how professional this trip was. We had a great time"

    Huw Williams (Wales)
  • We wish that we had more time to spend in Mongolia. What a fascinating place. Not only the Naadam Festival in Ulaanbaatar, but the many mini - Naadam Festivals we encountered in the countryside as well as the people and scenery were fantastic...

    Steve Sidebotham (Delaware, USA)
  • "We really enjoyed our time in Mongolia with the off-road experience and closeness to nature. The experience at the family ger was an emotional one. It struck a chord with me, somewhere deep inside. I could see the sense in their simple way of life, which I have not really been able to see in ours in the west"

    Joakim Hansson (Sweden)
  • "We really enjoyed all aspects of our trip. The itinerary was well organized. We felt like we had a good taste of the country. We especially liked meeting the nomadic family. The accommodations and food were all satisfying as well"

    Hans Schnegluth (Germany)
  • Many thanks for a great holiday in Mongolia it was amazing ! My dad finally managed to visit the place he had been speaking about for 30 years and it was everything and a lot more he ever imagined it to be, so thanks again for looking after us so well...

    Lisa Brydon (Scotland)
  • "Thanks very much for looking after us and our arrangements in Mongolia. We enjoyed the tour immensely and loved the sites, scenery and sense of solitude this country gives you. It was a lovely adventure, thanks again"

    Clare Elsdon (England)
  • The staff was extremely dedicated” and the bike route took us to places of extraordinary beauty and diverse landscape of Mongolia. This mountain biking trip certainly was the most challenging and memorable one so far...

    SJi-Eun Kim (Seoul, South Korea)

2020 Summer Group Tours

We organize several fixed date group trips to Mongolia including mountain biking, motorcycling, horse riding, trekking and cultural trips. You are welcome to join as an individual or if there are several friends together. This is a good way to travel in Mongolia if you want the companionship of others and to meet some interesting people.

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