Tailor Made Itinerary - 4

Khorgo Volcano & White Lake National Park (Cultural Tour)

  • Experience the best of Mongolian scenery and culture

    Enjoy Mongolian culture and a variety of landscapes and activities. The route passes through all the different geographical zones of Mongolia: desert, steppe, mountain and forest, and there are many unusual features in this central region such as volcano's and gorges.

    Route exploring the central province of Arkhangai

    Capital in the 13th century, where we visit Erdene Zuu Buddhist monastery. Passing through Arkhangai Province we reach the White Lake on the edge of the Khangai mountain range. It is a beautiful area, ideal for hiking and horse riding. Here we will spend a day with a nomadic yak-breeding family, experiencing their simple way of life and observing their daily routine. Accommodation outside Ulaanbaatar will be in ger camps where you can enjoy the authentic traditional ger life in comfort.

Central Mongolia Cultural Tour Map

Tour from Ulaanbaatar to the White Lake "Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur" in Arkhangai province.

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Day By Day Itinerary

Day 12020

Day 1

Khorgo Volcano & White Lake National Park (Cultural Tour)

Arrive in Ulaanbaatar and go to hotel. Afternoon free time to enjoy the city. Overnight in hotel.

Day 22020

Day 2

Khorgo Volcano & White Lake National Park (Cultural Tour)

Leave Ulaanbaatar to travel across the vast open countryside to reach 'Khogno Khan' where we will spend the night at a ger camp at the foot of a mountain. Marvelous views of the steppe stretching across to desert sand dunes in the distance. There might be time to hike over the mountain to see a small temple and monastery ruins on the other side. Overnight ger camp.

Day 32020

Day 3

Khorgo Volcano & White Lake National Park (Cultural Tour)

Drive to Kharkhorin to visit 'Erdene Zuu' monastery. Some of the temples have been preserved as a museum, but there is one large Tibetan style temple where visitors can usually watch the monks performing their ritual prayers. Continue to Tsetserleg, the capital of Arkhangai Province then drive over the forested Bulgan Mountain and down to Ikh Tamir. Overnight ger camp beside the sacred "Taikhir Chuluu" stone.

Day 42020

Day 4

Khorgo Volcano & White Lake National Park (Cultural Tour)

Drive northwards across rolling green hills to Khorgo-Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur National Park. Within the park the landscape is quite different, having been affected by volcanic activity thousands of years ago. Overnight ger camp beside shores of the 'White Lake'.

Day 52020

Day 5

Khorgo Volcano & White Lake National Park (Cultural Tour)

Relax by the lake 'Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur' enjoy hiking in the surrounding mountains, swimming in the lake, or perhaps even fishing. Overnight ger camp.

Day 62020

Day 6

Khorgo Volcano & White Lake National Park (Cultural Tour)

Drive to the far western end of the White Lake (28km) to reach the small saltwater Country Lake. The nomadic families living in this area breed yaks and sheep, using the 'Yaks' for transport as well as wool and meat. Visit one of the families who will invite you in for tea and curds - maybe something even more exotic ! It might be possible to ride by yak and cart across the hills to see ancient (pre-8th century) stone sculptures. Return to ger camp.

Day 72020

Day 7

Khorgo Volcano & White Lake National Park (Cultural Tour)

Before leaving the National Park take a walk up to the top of the 'Khorgo Volcano' and round the rim of the crater from where there are magnificent views of the whole area. Afternoon drive to Ikh Tamir. Overnight ger camp.

Day 82020

Day 8

Khorgo Volcano & White Lake National Park (Cultural Tour)

Jeep to 'Elsen Tasarkhai', an area of big sand dunes and desert vegetation. If there are some nomadic families living nearby with horses and camels, we would be able to ride for a while. Evening ride horses or camels in the sand dunes. Overnight ger camp.

Day 92020

Day 9

Khorgo Volcano & White Lake National Park (Cultural Tour)

Return to Ulaanbaatar. Overnight hotel.

Day 102020

Day 10

Khorgo Volcano & White Lake National Park (Cultural Tour)



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Tour Information:

• This tour covers a distance of nearly 1500 km
• Accommodation on tour is always in ger camps.
• The activities are optional.
• We accept other major currencies.


  "Khogno Khan" Mountain
  "Erdene Zuu" Monastery
  "Taikhir" Chuluu Rock
  "Khorgo" Volcano
  "Chuluut" River Gorge
  "White Lake"


  All Meals (except UB)
  2 nights Hotel
  Traditional Ger Camps
  Entrance Fees
  Support Vehicle
  All Transportation


  International Flight
  Visa Cost
  Airport Transfers

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